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8m Dolphin
8m Dolphin Aqua Run Challenge
Product Origin: China
Brand: ASIA Inflatables
Item NO.: AQR-1088
Shipping Port: Guangzhou Port
Color: As Photos
Lead Time: 10 Days
Payment: T/T
Goods Stock: 1
Product Minorder: 1
Product Weight: 110kgs
Packing: Bag
Certification: CE/UL
Supply Ability: 500 pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description

8m Dolphin Aqua Run Challenge Pool Inflatable for Theme Parks and Aquatic Centres

Item No.: AQR-1088


Material: 0.65mm PVC Tarpaulin or Customized

Colors: as photos or customized

Air Blowers or Pumps: Air Blowers or 1 piece 700W, CE/UL, Plugs can be customized

Package: PVC Tarpaulin Bag + Webbing Bag

Accessories: CE/UL Air Blowers or Electric Pump, Repair Kits, Glue. etc.

Delivery Way: By Express, By Air or By Sea

MOQ: 1 Piece

Usage: swimming pools, beach, water parks, lake, river, shoaling water, etc.

What is a pool lnflatable?

Pool inflatables are inflatables float on the top of Swimming Pools, they are a great idea for your Resort Swmming Pools, Theme Parks and Aquatic centres. They can be made in Various designs and lengths. They are a different and fun activity which you can utilise with your patrons ,schools, community groups and swim teams to make playing in the water that much more exciting. Check out the front of the flyer for some great themes!

Can be made With or Without Tenara Thread.

Your pool inflatable can be made with or without this type of tread. Traditionally, polyester thread without using Tenara Thread can require re-stitching on a regular basis.

Tests have been completed which show the comparisons in break strength when exposed to desert UV conditions. After three years polyester and cotton/polyester offer less than 15% break strength compared to TENARA THREAD at nearly 100% is Completely resistant to UV sunlight, unaffected by cleaning chemicals(even bleach, unaffected by salt water ,unaffected by cold or hot temperature extremes, unaffected by acid rain ,it won`t rot or mould ,the colours will not fade, it is Non-flammable & 100% expanded PTFE.

So when considering purchasing a pool lnflatable you should choose the best!! Tenara Thread!

Why you should not choose a sealed Pool lnflatables?

Sealed Pool lnflatables(these are the ones that are blown up and then are sealed over with a capcan be troublesome if you get a hole in them as you cannot use them again until you repair them. With our pool lnflatables if they get a small hole in them you can still operate , as we have a continual air flow .Add to this our fantastic new age designs and the fun in your pool will be increased overnight.