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What is the best water obstacle course?

What is the best water obstacle coure?

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 Water Obstacle Course

 Stand Up Paddle Board Obstacles 

 Aqua Run, Sea Pool and Swimming Pool Inflatables

 Pool Challenge Water Park

Our aqua challenge is a one-of-a-kind, inflatable playground on the water. Cool down and try to keep up with your friends on the floating obstacle course!

From a few feet to 100 ft long. Aqua Challenges have been used succesfully for many years at both public and private pools, west coast and Agnes Lake. Take a look at some of the designs below and take your pick. Better still tell us how big you want your Aqua Challenge and give us a Budget and we can present you with several ideas!

Supplied with all of our Aqua Challenge, Floating Platform, Sea Pool & Swimming Pool Inflatables:

• Aqua Challenge, or the Floating Obstacle Course

• Repair Kits

• Protective carry sack

• Electric Pump

• Tether points

• 5 Years Guarantee

Get ready for summer fun in the sun at these spectacular inflatable water parks. ... with its floating obstacle course, trampoline, climbing wall, swings, water polo, ...