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What are the giant lake inflatables

Perhaps you’ve seen cartoons or old black and white videos of people patching up old inner tubes and using them to float down the river. If you thought that looked like fun, then you will love giant lake inflatables. Ranging from individual float chairs to inflatable islands – really, not kidding – these colorful devices can make your afternoon at the lake even more fun than ever before.

What are the types of individual giant lake inflatables?

 Individual Floats are fantastic if you just want a lazy afternoon, and perhaps even want to take a drink and a book with you out on the lake. They can also provide exercise opportunities. Here are a few options for giant lake inflatables for individuals:

• A Giant Inflatable Mattress. Good for one individual, or for the whole family. It makes the perfect platform for water play or for watching the kids splash about.

Water Waking Ball. Inflate the water ball, and then use the side zipper to enter – sort of like getting into a small tent. Challenge your balance, have some fun and get wet – great for a summer afternoon.

• Giant Swan. Enjoy peace and comfort on a floating platform shaped like a swan. You can sunbathe for as long as you wish, bring your book and your drink, and float serenely above the water.

• Giant Pretzel. A floating relative of those long-ago inner tubes, the giant pretzel lets you rest your upper body on the central portion and float in the cooling water.

What are the types of giant lake inflatables for groups?

If an individual float is too lonely, try some of these fun giant lake inflatables to share with friends:

• Inflatable Party Island. Four contoured lounge spaces, with seating for six more, this island can accommodate ten people. It has an approach ramp to make getting on and off easy -- and less likely to upset people who are already on board.

• Inflatable Climbing Iceberg. Perfect for an afternoon of fun for a group of active youngsters. Climb up one side of the ‘berg and slide down the other to land with a splash, then swim around and do it again.

• Giant Inflatable Pool Lounge. Seats four adults and has holders for drinks. It’s the perfect place to have a little adult conversation while the youngsters enjoy more active inflatables.

• Giant Inflatable Castle. Add a little fantasy fun to an afternoon at the lake with a floating castle. Moor it on its own, or team it up with an inflatable island to give the youngsters (or oldsters) the chance to engage in role-playing or just old-fashioned splashing.

• Giant Lake Inflatable Inner Tubes. Speaking of old-fashioned splashing, if you really liked those old inner-tubes, you can order a set of four – stamped to look like a modern tire. Great for families, parties, or clubs for water fun and for just resting between more active entertainment.

How to ensure safety when using giant lake inflatables?

For the most fun, always have one or two people whose job it is to act as lifeguards, especially with a group of children. No rough play or sharp objects on the inflatable. Adhere to weight limits, and keep an eye on the weather. With that said, enjoy your summer fun on your giant lake inflatable!