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Water Materials?

Water Materials?

We only manufacture with China made flame retardant 1000D PVC Tarpaulin. We do not say "High quality China Specification" and pretend it is made in the USA when it comes from USA, contact us for a list of customers who solely import superior China Inflatable Products.

PVC Tarpaulin or Vinyl Coated Tarpaulin


 PVC Coated Tarpaulin can be used in Cold-Air Jumping Castles, Inflatable Slide, Inflatable Sports Games, Giant Inflatables, Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Inflatable Tunnels and Inflatable Water Toys, which has high-strength, water proof and fire retardant function. Smart-look, durable quality

The standard of material for Inflatable Games is 18 oz 0.55mm thickness, for Inflatable Water Sports is 22 oz 0.6 mm thickness or 28 oz 0.9 mm thickness according to the different technical requirements.

The Flame Retardant is suitable for BS5852.

Please refer to the material performance.

 Material test  Result                                                                                      
 Tensile Strength (N/5cm)



 Anti-laceration Intensity (N)



 Weightg/m2  650-900
 Taste  Non-Taste
 Fire Retardancy (S)  3
 Stimulation to skin  Non-stimulating
 Anti-laceration Intensity (N/5cm)  39-90
 Anti-static force (N/cm2)  >19.6
 Toxicity of material  Non-toxicity
 Design life  100,000 Person-hours

Remark: if you need sample of the material, please contact us, we will send it to you ASAP.


Instructions of Using Inflatable Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Slides

 Suitable Ages  3-16 years old
 Location Conditions of the Facility  Relatively smooth, with no sharp objects
 Time needed for filling  3-5 minutes Dependent on size
 Staff needed on site  Minimum 1 person for managing single equipment
 Time needed for shut-down and deflation  Complete deflation, 10-15minutes Dependent on Size              
 Time needed for folding the facility  5-10minutes Dependent on Size
 Weight  36Kg495Kg

Know more about it or refer to the test reports, Please contact us now.

Other Material

Material Specifications Inflatable Products
 600D Oxford Fabric  Inflatable Advertising, such as Inflatable Arch, Giant Inflatable Signs, Inflatable Tents
 420D Oxford Fabric  Inflatable Advertising, such as Inflatable Signs, Cold Air Balloon, Inflatable Tents
 210D Oxford Fabric  Inflatable Shapes, Inflatable Cartoons, Christmas Inflatables, Lighting Inflatables (H≥3m)
 190D Oxford Fabric  Inflatable Cartoon, Inflatable Moving Cartoon, Christmas Inflatables, Lighting Inflatables (H≤2.4m)
 Rip stop Fabric  Fly Guys, Christmas Inflatables, Lighting Inflatables
 Soft Plush  Mascot Costumes
 0.18mm PVC  All Inflatable In sky (hydrogen/helium filled),Water toys (sealed, welded) 
 0.8mm PVC  Water ball, Zorb ball, Water Roller, Inflatable Bottle, Inflatable bubble, etc (530)
 0.8mm TPU  Water ball, Zorb ball, Water Roller, Inflatable Bottle, Inflatable bubble, etc (-3050)

Remark: The 420D Inflatable Products can be manufactured by 600D Material. We can increase/decrease the material thinness upon your requirements.