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Quality Control

The Detail Decides The Whole!

Our Designs for Inflatable Games

After you have a look at this page, you will know more information about our products and produce lines. You will be more confident on our products and your choice--Asia Inflatables

High Durability PVC Material
Best material is very important for the games. All inflatable games of our products are made by high durability fire-retardant 18OZ Tarpaulin, which has 3 layers as you can see from these pictures below, two coated side with a strong net inside. The flame retardant meet BS7837.


Double-Triple Stitching Everywhere


Professional Machine
We use high quality professional inflatable sewing machines, which special in sewing 18oz Vinyl. At the same time, we use 12 lines high strength nylon thread to construct each inflatable product.


Durable Zippers
We make strong zipper at bottom of each inflatable. Zippers can help you deflate the inflatable more quickly. Above the zipper, there is a zipper cover, which is help to disperse the zipper's stress.

Reinforced Strips at Joint

Asia Inflatables will make reinforce strips at the bottom joint and each corner. So when the kids bounce on the games, you do not need to worry about the safety at all. As the bottom can bear the kids no matter how they play on the games.

Safety Giant Slide Climb

For giant slide, we specially design some ropes and fixation along the slide climb route way as you can see from the picture. Players can grasp the ropes when they climb on the slide so that it is more easy and safe to get on the top.

Tight Package Bags
We pack inflatable games by carpet at first, and then put the package in tarpaulin bag so that the packages will not be frazzled during delivery process. In order to let you find your goods quickly, we will paste a mark paper with your order number.


Perfect Artwork

D Rings for Fixation
Each product will have thick D rings or circle rings to fix the inflatable. It makes the inflatable steady enough.

Safe and Convenient Air Flap
For the safety, we make safe flap inside the air tube, when the electricity is cut off and make the blower off suddenly,the flap will help to stop the air let out too quickly. So the kids can have enough time to leave the inflatable.

Double-Triple Stitching Everywhere, with fourfold stitching at bottom stress point. Double stitching inside and double stitching outside to make sure the inflatables are strong enough.

We can make any inflatable games as long as you can image. We have top skill workers to finish the artwork and printing. 

We may customize the design, the size, the colour and the logo as you need. 

OEM/ODM is also welcome. 

QUALITY TEST and After-sales service:

● We test each product for 3 days to ensure the toys seamed exactly well.
● We provide repair kit for free, which including material and for repairing in case.
● We will guide you to repair the bouncer and make compensation for them accordingly.