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Kick Balls In Your Zorb


Kick Balls In Your Zorb

Zorb, Zorb Ball, Zorbing ball, Zorb ball for sale

Go get your Zorb or inflatable ball, and meet me on the soccer field.

But first, you can check this link: 

Bubble Soccer” is another innovative quasi-sport gaining popularity in Europe. It started as a gag soccer game on a show in Norway, but has now spread as far as Italy. It may have been intended as a safe way to play an intense soccer match, without the slide tackles, burnt up knees and elbows, and cleat kicks. To me, its American Football without the quarterback, a five on five free-for-all with plenty of bashing, flipping, tackling, tipping, slamming, and it looks like a whole lot of fun.

Many people may already be familiar with these plastic human hamster balls. They have made appearances on The Amazing Race, at the Burning Man festival, and Seaworld. There are different available types, and they are commonly called Zorb, after the company that produces most of them. The Zorb used in this video are called body balls, body bouncers, or mini-zorb, but most commonly this is known as ‘body zorbing’: the smaller Zorb fits above the waist and allows safe direct contact and complete upper-body protection. While not as fun or versatile as the larger counterpart, these body-Zorb are far cheaper at around 3-400 dollars. Don’t ask about how much a full-sized ball retails for.

Its easy to see room for criticism and detraction. To many, the risk in sports is part of the very nature of sports, and part of the excitement. It is part of competing. Those that have pushed themselves through the pain of injury and the pain of intense training might resent anyone playing a sport with less intensity or less risk. They might see any attempt to soften sports as an emasculation of them, for lack of a better word.

Still, there are as many uses for these plastic innovations. Most Inflatable ball or Zorb ball can be used in water, to endless amusement (make sure you have plenty of room!). Ski slopes or snow or ice surfaces are also a common use. I would like to ride around a golf course on one of them, or even a skate park. They come with straps, so you can roll safely without flailing around inside the ball. Even a fast roll keeps you almost completely protected and the straps also keep you from getting motion sick.

Maybe the sport will keep growing and spreading. Anyone that sees the video is likely to want to play, and the equipment is not that pricey, nor does one need anything more than a field or a gym to set up a game. I see this as a tremendous positive if it does: it might gain some more European respect for American football (which itself has a fairly strong following, check out John Grisham’s “Playing for Pizza”). American football being my favorite sport, I would love to see more and more of these bubble teams slamming into each other. Or, failing that, maybe there could be more bubble sports out there, yet to be discovered. Bubble baseball? Bubble wrestling? Or bubble rugby? Even bubble luge or bubble ballroom dancing might be fun.

And, just in case you thought it this was completely safe, here’s a Darwin award entry to suggest otherwise.