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Inflatable Medical Tents


Inflatable medical tents are the perfect structure for quick and easy deployment in emergency situations. These temporary structures are regularly used in disaster responses for global crisis's such as pandemics, viral outbreaks, earthquakes, and other naturally occurring issues. When emergency situations occur that require rapid deployment of shelters the usual metal framed tents can be cumbersome and difficult to setup, our emergency shelters can be setup within the hour.

Our inflatable emergency tents can be up made from 3 meters in width and include all necessary accessories required to setup, they can also be fully customizable with removable banners for different applications. They can either be sealed so once inflated they stay up without constant running power or can be made with constant running fans for rapid deflation.

These pop up medical centers can be easily packaged and transported in estate cars as once deflated they pack up extremely tight, limited training is required to setup. This provides huge benefits to emergency response who can create temporary shelters for a variety of use in any environment.

The Emergency Response Tents designed and manufactured by us are both air-tight (sealed beam) and constant flow rapid deployment shelters that can be used for disaster response, sleeping accommodation, temporary command centres, military housing, medical tents and operational control facilities and for undercover remote-working.

 Sizes from 3 meters diameter

 Heavy duty durable waterproof PVC tarpaulin

 Stock colors or Pantone matched

 Direct or Velcro detachable branding

 Multiple entrances, exits, doors, windows, tunnels or partitioned walls

  Separate internal pods

  Engineering calculations when required

  Ground stakes for soft ground or ballast bags for hard standing

  Fans or blowers included

  Worldwide Shipping