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  • Inflatable Water Park
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  • Inflatable Octopus Water Pool Inflatable Octopus Water Pool Slide Tubes Small Water Park For Inflatable Water Playground

    High Quality Inflatable Water Park Slide, Inflatable Water Trampoline Slide, Inflatable Water Slide Tubes for Sale. All our Inflatable Water Park Slides are made by Commercial grade and durable 0.9mm 1000D PVC Tarpaulin material, Reinforced strips at the welding seams make the products has better airtight ness and more durable.

  • Multi Challenge Aqua Runs Multi Challenge Aqua Runs Inflatable Water Obstacle

    From a few feet to 100 ft long. Aqua Runs have been used succesfully for many years at both public and private pools Take a look at some of the designs below and take your pick. Better still tell us how big you want your Aqua Run and give us a Budget and we can present you with several ideas!

  • 20 Foot Inflatable Yacht Slide Suppliers 20 Foot Inflatable Yacht Slide

    Inflatable Yacht Slides is the world’s first custom made, sealed-air inflatable water slide for the yacht industry. Providing the most exciting experience in water toys, the Inflatable Cruiser is offered in our six unique models: the LS, NLS, CS, S, SSS, IS and XS. Each individual water slide is custom built to the exacting specifications of your yacht. 

  • Various Styles Inflatable Bubble Suit Inflatable Bubble Suit

    Half Color Bubble Suits, Inflatable bubble suit, Inflatable bumper balls are air-tight, heat-sealed Inflatable Products, which is made of PVC 0.8mm or TPU 0.75mm material. It is a Giant Inflatable Sphere Diameter 1.2m for kids, Diameter 1.5m & 1.8m for adults.

  • Multi-colors Water Ball Hot Sale Multi-colors Water Ball,Water Walking Ball with Factory Price

    Hot Sale Multi-colors Water Ball,Water Walking Ball with Factory Price. We can do different size as your requirements, 1.5m,1.8M dia. 2.3M dia. 2.5M,3.5M diameter. etc. Adults and children can use it. The wide welding seams of water walking balls make the ball more durable! High quality with competitive price of this ball will be provided.

  • Bubble Football Quality Bubble Soccer Ball with Wholesale Price

    Bubble Football, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Soccer Ball, Bubble Suit, Inflatable Bumper Balls are air-tight, heat-sealed Inflatable Products, which is made of PVC 0.8mm or TPU 0.75mm material. It is a Giant Inflatable Sphere Diameter 1.2m for kids, Diameter 1.5m & 1.8m for adults. 

  • Various Styles Inflatable Mirror Balloons Stage Decoration Inflatable Mirror Balloons Stage Decoration

    Inflatable Mirror Balloons Stage Decoration is one of our factory developed new inflatable projects in this year. The ball has prefect decorative effect, so it is widely used in Hotel, KTV, T station, bars, parties, concerts, auto show, new product launches, sports games, new store openings, festivals and other entertainment venues.

  • Various Styles Half Color Zorb ball Half Color Zorb ball

    Zorb Ball is the sport of rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball, Zorb Globe, Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball, It's great for using down local hills, grassplot, grassland, parks, play areas, football pitches and Inflatable Zorb Slide Ramp, Zorbing Orbit, snow field, etc. We also can provide you Zorb Balls for use on Water.

  • Inflatable Planetarium Dome Tent 2 Tubes Air Lock Door Inflatable Planetarium Dome Tent

    Inflatable Planetarium Dome, Portable Planetarium dome, Mobile Planetarium Dome are widely placed in all kinds of indoor or outdoor movie show, different size for room requirement. It is very popular for school planetarium movie education. People will have a strong vision impact for the planetarium dome tent movie. There is an entrance for people step in or out.

  • Paintball Equipments Inflatable Paintball Equipments

    Inflatable Paintball Equipments are a great way for your team to set up a tournament style practice field. Set up, move around and quickly clean or take down these great bunkers to fit your team's practice needs. The Rage bunkers are available as individual pieces or as a kit. The Extreme kit is affordable and flexible for running drills and snap shooting. 

  • Ultimate Sports Arena Ultimate Adventure and Challenge

    This item Ultimate Adventure and Challenge can be used in Amusement park, Square, theme parks, backyards, schools, playing centers and some commercial parks, etc. Kids like best. Vivid color, reasonable design, suitable character size and best handwork. 

  • Inflatable Water Park for Beach Resort Giant 250 People Inflatable Water Park for Beach Resort

    Giant 250 People Inflatable Slide Water Park Sale. Our Inflatable Water Parks includes: Bounce N' Slide Water Parks, Super Bounce N' Slide Water Parks, Big Island Inflatable Water Parks, Custom Inflatable Water Parks. Best Design, Top Quality, Wholesale Price. 3 Years Warranty.

  • Inflatable Water Park The Biggest Inflatable Water Park Floating Island Platform

    This Custom Inflatable Water Park can be used in large swimming pools, lakes, river, near coast and ocean, etc. It’s suitable for people above 20 players, such as teens, adults and children more than 7 years old. But the kids should play with adults’ companion. 

  • Water Rolling Balll Water Rolling Ball for Kids

    Strong Style Water Rolling Ball, Inflatable Roller, Water Roller is a funny and exciting sports games, and very popular between kiddies and adults for sporting and recreation. It is widely used for playing center, amusement park, water games, holiday events. 

  • Airtight Inflatable Bottle Custom 12 Foot High Airtight Inflatable Bottle for Promotional Sales

    Custom Airtight Inflatable Bottle, Air Sealed Inflatable Bottle. An Inflatable Replica is ideal for new product launches, new store openings, sponsored events or corporate days. OEM/ODM is welcome.

  • Gym Air Track Mattress Custom Gym Air Track Mattress

    Custom Gym Air Track Mattress, Gymnastic Inflatables, Tumbling Air Track. It is suitable for family, backyard, school, and playing center. We can customize the design, the size, the colour and the logo as you need. Hiqh Quality, Wholesale Price.

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  • Inflatable Jellyfish
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Guangzhou ASIA Inflatables Co., Limited
Inflatable Water Park Manufacturer in China!

We are a a professional Inflatable Toys Manufacturer in China that wants to help you make your rental business, party or event a BIG SUCCESS! We have designed a variety of Inflatable bouncers, slides, obstacle courses, combos, and other competition pieces, such as bungee runs, jousts, sumo wrestler suits, and dunk tanks! Our Inflatable Products are selling to all over the world.

ALL THE FUN INFLATABLES is fully insured and promise to deliver our product to you with a smile. All we need from you is an electrical outlet. Call or email us today to find out what you are looking for.

We have about 3000 square meters factory facility and there are half an hour drive from China Canton Fair. You’re welcomed to visit us our factory when you come to China.

More then 7 years experience to make Water ball,zorb ball,Inflatable Pools,Water trampoline,inflatable iceberg,inflatable water park,Banana boat,Flying fish boat, Disco boat, Crazy UFO, Crazy Sofa, Cruiser Slide, Yacht slide and other Advertising Sealed Inflatable.

Each one inflatable unit is confirmed by 3D-Design before the manufacture.

Also we offers CE/UL approved blowers to comply with different market requirements.

OEM & ODM is always Welcome!

Designs and Quality Control System   >> More

New Designs for 2016, we bring the fun to you!

>> Giant Inflatable Slides

>> Bounce n' Slide Inflatable Water Parks

>> Inflatable Paintball Bunkers, Dive Flag and Inflatable Floating Buoy

>> Inflatable Water Toys

>> Inflatable Bubble Tents, Inflatable Sofa

>> LED Lights Inflatable Decoration

>> Airtight Inflatable Tents, Air Tight Inflatables, Air Sealed Inflatable Games

>> Inflatable Bottles

>> Giant Inflatable Water Parks, Giant Inflatable Pools, Inflatable Pools
>> Aqua Runs, Aqua Run Inflatables, Aqua Run Pool Inflatables

>> Inflatable Yacht Slides, Surf Boards, Inflatable Sea Pools, Gymnastic Inflatables

 Solemnly declare:

 1. Guangzhou ASIA Inflatable Toys Co., Ltd. has no branch or subsidiary in any city of China, please be aware of ASIA Inflatable brand models.

 2. ASIA Inflatables Brand is one of The Quality Inflatable Manufacturers in china. What we usually made is Durable and Quality Inflatables, and of course, we also can hold of your target price if you want to get lower cost.

 3. You are welcome. We would like to discuss the details of the product and quality standards and prices, with you together.

 4. Considering security of customers payment, every customer of ASIA Inflatable is suggested to transfer the payment according to the bank information on our website. Thank you.


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The Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg is a climbing wall and a water slide in one! The Iceberg provides enormous fun as kids and adults climb to the top and slide 14' or even 16' down into the water! Chill out on top or play all day long; great for groups o...

Inflatable water pools
Inflatable water pools


Inflatable water pools can be used together with water walking ball, paddler boat, inflatable bumper boat, roller ball, floating ice berg, water trampoline and other water sports games as water pool for kids to get great fun indoor or outdoor. Provide with goo...

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